Bubbalo Sweater

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The Bubbalo sweater is featuring a relaxed silhouette with an oversized bubble stitch pattern. The bubble stitch is a classic feature from Scandinavian sailor sweaters, and a technique that we've used fo several designs along the years. Bubbalo kan be knitted in Puf in combination with Kid seta or CottonWool 3. If there is wish for a warmer sweater with brighter colours, you could use Puno together with Cotton Wool 3. Sizes: S, (M), L, (XL), XXL Bust: 110, (118), 126, (140), 154 cm Finished length: 45, (46), 48, (50), 52 cm Materials: PuF from Gepard. Color A - PuF, ball of 50 g: S: 6, (M): (6-7), L: 7, (XL): (8), XXL: 9 Color B - Cottonwool 3, ball of50 g OR Kid Seta, ball of 25 g: 2 balls no matter the size Yarn alternative: Puno og Cottonwool 3. NB: For this stitch patttern we do not recommend using Kid Seta and Puno together Color A - Puno, ball of 50 g: S: 6, (M): (6), L: 7, (XL): (7), XXL: 8 Color B - Cottonwool 3, ball of 50 g: 3 ngl no matter the size Needles:Single point or circular needles (60 cm) 4.5 and 7 mm, in Koshitsu bamboofromSeeknit andGepard. Gauge:11 sts x 26 rows in bubble pattern with needles 7 mm = 10 x 10 cm. Always make a gauge swatch before starting the actual work. Adjust needle size if necessary. If you make a larger swatch with26 sts and a height of 22 cm, you can measure more precisely across20 cm. With PuF you have to work some more rows, as PuF will shrink lengthwise Anleitung, DIN A4 gedruckt, englisch, nur zusammen mit der Wolle

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