"Island Vibes: Summer Knits" - Sasha Hyre

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Island Vibes: Summer Knits by Sasha Hyre features nine patterns for summer knits: three tops, a cardigan, a shawl, a dress, a skirt, a sarong and a bag. Each piece is designed to be worn independently but can also be combined for stylish summer looks. This versatile capsule collection is designed mostly with linen, silk and cotton yarns that are perfect for warm weather. Decorative elements and techniques such as fringes, modular knitting and intarsia, are used in a modern and vibrant way.

Sasha Hyre is a Montreal-based knitwear designer and teacher. She is known for her versatile designs that combine colours and textures, and her work has been featured in several knitting magazines and books. Island Vibes is not only a celebration of her Jamaican heritage but also a tribute to the meditative and relaxing power of knitting.

96 pages
9 knitting patterns for summer: 3 tops, a cardigan, a shawl, a dress, a skirt, a sarong and a bag
Small paperback
Language: Available in English

Printed in Estonia.


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