"Nordic Shawls" (Englische Ausgabe)

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Nordic Shawls - a gorgeous and unique knitting book containing 18 gorgeous shawls inspired by the wild Nordic nature and the folklore creates that inhabit this rugged landscape.

The English version is the result of a succesful Kickstarter campaign and both the author Karen Skriver Lauger and the publisher Rauna are very grateful and proud that the campaign was a supported to wonderfully by the knitting community and ended up being such a success.

Apart from the 18 incredible shawl patterns, the book also contains images photographed in the spectacular Norwegian nature as well as watercolour illustrations of all 18 designs created by Signe Strømgaard.

The book is photographed by Monica Bach Nielsen.

The books author and designer is Karen Skriver Lauger – a Danish knitting designer with a childhood spent all over Scandinavia and her roots solidly planted in the deep rich earth of the north.

Karen is also known online as Lykkefanten. She has been working as a hand knitting designer for 10 years and has published more that 60 designs, both independently and in collaboration with Danish and international yarn companies and knitting magazines.

More about the models and the used yarn is found here

Nordic Shawls contains:

  • 18 shawl designs
  • Thorough and clearly written knitting patterns, as well as charts for some of the designs.
  • Beautiful photos by photographer Monica Bach, shot just north of Oslo in Norway.
  • Hand-drawn watercolor illustrations of each design created by Signe Strømgaard.
  • A techniques chapter that guides you through all of the less common techniques.
  • A hardcover finish to the book.

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