Shetlandic knitting

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This book is for everyone who wants to know more about wool, knitting and Shetland. During our first trip to this Scottish archipelago we were inspired by its nature and its people, but most of all by the wonderful wool given to us by the small, tough Shetland sheep. This is the reason we want to tell the story behind Shetland wool and the knitting traditions of the Shetland isles. We wondered whether we still know what this represents, or whether we all refer to different things. The trail led us deeper and deeper into the Shetland hills to the source of the wool. Along the way we gathered lots of inspiration for our designs. We wanted to reflect the landscape in our projects, with real Shetland wool. We hope that many knitters want to join us on another journey, this time to Shetland! This book is in English
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